Clear: Oosterveld leaves PSV – takes over Häcken’s P19 team

BK Häcken has finished with a new P19 coach.


Joop Oosterveld joins from PSV.
– The academy’s success is measured in producing players for the A team, he says in a statement.

For the past five years, Joop Oosterveld has worked as methodology manager in PSV Eindhoven’s academy. But now the 38-year-old is changing the Dutch big club for Hisingen.

And BK Häcken.

He is ready as the new head coach for the black and yellow P19 team.

– I want all players to have ownership in their development – then I can take over where they need my knowledge, both on and off the field. At the same time, I need to help them with what I see they need to get up to the A team, says Oosterveld in a statement.


– The development will be 50/50 where they partly drive their development, partly that I support the players with what they need to reach their goals.

The contract is written over 2025. Oosterveld is already in place at the club.

– It feels very good that we have managed to attract a coach with such experience from a top club in Europe. With Joop’s background as methodology manager, this recruitment is the result of strategic decisions, says Anders Wahrnberg, head of development at Häcken.

– He has been the driving force in building one of Europe’s best football academies. At the same time, we have a very good organization in place and we feel well prepared to, together with Joop, take further steps with our academy.

In addition to the job as methodology manager, Oosterveld has also been in charge of PSV’s P17 team in the past.

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