Despite the strong performances on the pitch, most suggest that Manchester United want to sell the Englishman in the summer and there have been rumors of interest from Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético.

Now Getafe club president Angel Torres has also singled out the only club that has contacted him to talk about Greenwood.

– The only one who asked me was Joan Laporta when he was here. I spoke to him and Deco and they asked me because they like the player. However, in order to sign a player, all teams must first sell players. This does not only apply to Barca, Getafe or Atletico. That is why it will be a long summer, Torres explained in an interview with Radio Marca.

Although Getafe do not have the same financial muscle as the biggest clubs on the continent, the club’s management has been open that there is an interest in a permanent deal and there is optimism at the club.

– If it’s up to him and his parents, he stays. Manchester seems to want to sell him so I think he will stay, sums up Torres.