Dejan Kulusevski: We deserve to come fifth

Fifth place.
That’s what Tottenham deserve, according to Dejan Kulusevski.
– We cannot change something that has already happened, he tells the Daily Mirror.

Tottenham have no chance of reaching Champions League play next season. 

Well deserved, Dejan Kulusevski believes. The team simply hasn’t been good enough over long periods of time. 

– You can reflect as much as you want on the season. You can think about every match, every decision and every injury. But it is not important, says the wing forward to the Daily Mirror.


– You just have to look at what you can do better, you can’t change something that has already happened. Yes, we played some very good games this year. But we played some very bad games as well. Now we look ahead.

The Swede continues:

– In the end, fifth place is what we deserve. It is what it is. We can do better next year, absolutely. But we have built something very good this year. 

Kulusevski is convinced his Tottenham are on the right track under head coach Ange Postecoglou.

– All good things in life take time. Nothing happens overnight and nothing will happen over a season. We take the good things with us and learn from the bad things we did this year. It’s about continuing, never losing focus and doing your best. If we do, maybe we’ll get what we deserve.

Kulusevski is credited with six goals and three assists in 39 competitive appearances this season.


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