Júnior Brumando kicked out from Hansa Rostock after controversy


FC Midtjylland loanee Júnior Brumando has been kicked out from Hansa Rostock.
Brassen is not welcome back after controversial behavior towards the team’s coach.
This is reported by Bild.
FC Midtjylland forward Júnior Brumando has spent the season on loan at Hansa Rostock in the 2. Bundesliga.

In the north-east German city, the 24-year-old has received plenty of playing time. So far, he has been noted for five goals and one assist in 23 appearances for the Swedish club, where Nils Fröling, Svante Ingelsson and Marko Johansson are teammates with the brass.

But that seems to be where it stops now.


On Saturday, the German newspaper Bild reports that Brumando has been kicked out of the team in connection with a controversy.

After a 0-2 loss at the end of April, Hansa coach Mersad Selimbegovic is said to have criticized the brass’ performance in front of the rest of the team. Brumando is said to have laughed and made denying hand gestures – which is said to have caused Selimbegovic’s top cap to go off.
Brumando has not been in any of Hansa Rostock’s match squads since the incident.

Hansa Rostock places itself in second last place in the 2. Bundesliga.

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