The prosecutor calls for prison terms for 14 people after the scandalous derby

16 people are charged with violent riot during last year's derby between Djurgården and AIK.


It was at the end of May 2023 that the derby between Djurgården and AIK at Tele2 Arena degenerated.

A group of masked people from AIK’s short side first threw pyrotechnic pieces into the infield before trying to get onto the pitch from the stands. An open fight then broke out with the police and security guards.

Recently, charges were brought against 16 people for participation in or instigation of the event, which is classified as a violent riot.

“Eleven people are charged with participation in a violent riot, and five people are charged with inciting a violent riot,” the Prosecutor’s Office wrote at the time.


Now the trial has taken place.

Radiosporten states that the prosecutor is seeking prison terms for 14 of the 16 accused persons. For the five accused of inciting a violent riot, the prosecutor is demanding the maximum sentence, that is, imprisonment for one year and three months.

All the defendants have been banned from entering for between 18 and 24 months.
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