Troyes suspends four players after the scandal match


Scandal scenes erupted in Troyes’ match against Valenciennes.
Now the club announces that four players are suspended.
“Despite several provocations, it is clear that their reactions were also dangerous,” the club wrote in a statement.

Troyes is on its way out of the French second division and this has aroused strong dissatisfaction among the team’s supporters and in Friday’s meeting with Valenciennes it bubbled over to the stands.

During the match, supporters threw pyrotechnic pieces onto the pitch. Images from the match then showed how several players responded by throwing the pieces back at the supporters in the stands.

On Wednesday, the club announced that they are suspending four players as a result of the incident. At the same time, it is clear that nine supporters have suffered a suspension.


“The club believes throwing pyro onto the pitch is a dangerous and irresponsible act by spectators. These acts have no place in our sport. We have reviewed the footage and have identified nine people who will now have their season tickets canceled and banned from the stadium “, the club writes in a statement and continues:

“In addition, we were disappointed to see four players send some smoke bombs from the pitch into the stands. Despite several provocations, it is clear that their reactions were also dangerous. These players have now received a preventive suspension”.

At the time of the brawl, it was 1-1 between Troyes and Valenciennes. If the team loses any of their remaining games, it would mean that Troyes will leave the French second division as they are currently seven points clear of Dunkirk on safe ground.

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